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Towny allows you create both towns and nations providing both a way to protect land and create communities that make the server a friendly place to be!


McMMO adds an amazing level system into minecraft allowing you to focus on being the best player in a certain activity such as mining or fishing!

Custom Mechanics

Our large range of custom mechanics adds new features to minecraft from working draw bridges to slimefun, a plugin that allows you to research cool new items!

What people say?

Honestly, its incredibly difficult to find a server like this among the minigame, prison, and faction pvp servers. Which means it's a keeper in my book!

- Wheatloaf125

What people say?

One of the most entertaining servers I have been on in a LONG time! Super organized, the staff are outstanding people, and it is super fun to be on! I look forward to playing every day! :)

- Thorograin

What people say?

I love this server! It's very friendly and all in all great to play on ^_^ The staff members are amazing at their jobs, the plugins are great, and both creative and towny are well run! I'd gladly recommend it to anyone who was looking for a fun towny server!

- Gutchies